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"The finest compliment I can pay Seacad is after 12 years of working with them, they remain one of only 2 offshore detailing firms that are pre-qualified to work for SteelFab, Inc".
Glenn Sherrill
President, SteelFab, Inc
"SteelFab VA has worked with Seacad consistently for a decade, and has awarded them some of our more challenging projects in terms of size, complexity and schedule. Seacad is organized in their questions and reliable in the schedules they promise to meet. This reliability on schedule is a critical component for SteelFab to maintain our reputation as a firm that will deliver on time, regardless of the challenges. We continue our relationship with Seacad always looking to build on past successes".
Rob Burlington
President, SteelFab, South Carolina
"SteelFab of SC has enjoyed a long relationship with Seacad and their detailing teams. We are continually impressed with the quality and efficiency of their work, especially when given limited information and a short schedule. We look to continuing our successful partnership for many more projects to come!".
Rob Rutherford
President, SteelFab VA, Inc
"For me, SeaCad has been able to complete the scope on Jangkrik with reliable deliverables (we had other outsources with much lower quality services). Moreover, Seacad looks to promote Indonesian skill, which is also facilitating the technical communications between the both entities in the same country".
Dominique Hudault
Engineering Manager (Saipem – Karimun – Indonesia) Oil and Gas platform detailing
"I agree with the small amount of miscellaneous steel we have partnered on to date, CM-Steel, Inc and Seacad worked well together through the challenging processes from RFI's, Out for approvals and into Fabrication to make the project on time and successful for our customers, I have been pleased with the outcome and look forward to building a longer lasting relationship with Seacad on future endeavors".
Gregory A. Sain
V.P. Project Management, C.M. Steel, Inc
"Seacad has, over the last 13 years consistently supplied Banker Steel with a quality product delivered on time. When the inevitable changes arise they have been quick and efficient in taking care of them. Change orders are managed in an efficient manner and documentation of changes is clear and precise. We are using their services now and fully expect to continue our relationship in the years to come".
Peter Hutchinson
Detailing Manager, Banker Steel Co., LLC
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